Why Classic Cocktails are the best!

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In the wise words of a known prophet- “we can’t know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been“.

This is how I feel about Classic Cocktails.

These days, with every cocktail recipe made available to  us on so many platforms;  be it classics,  twists of classics or signature creations, it is easy to forget where the roots of cocktails originate from.

Everything has to start somewhere- no different with cocktails.  Without Classic cocktails we would not have branched off to explore new and wonderful creations, re-invented the wheel, nor experimented with lab style concoctions which have now become  molecular  mixology.

We need classic cocktails to benchmark against new creations so we can know what direction we are  heading too-  Almost like an ” Adam & Eve” of cocktails.

Like classic cars, architecture and food, classic cocktails have stood the test time.  Of course, they may vary from place to place the world over, but the core ingredients and recipes need be adhered too.

To enjoy them, buy them online form our store here, try them at home and decide for yourself how classic your taste buds are.  And to benchmark against other cocktails,  try one of our signature creations here and figure where your taste buds lie- are you Classic, retro, or a new age Classic Cocktail drinker.

Yours in cocktails



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