Puremix – where a world of amazing fresh quality cocktails are available to everyone.

Puremix creates and supplies a selection of the best cocktails we can mix. We source wonderful fresh ingredients and infuse our own pure cane sugars.  The entire production process from the juicing and pureeing of fruits to the final blending process is done in house by our team of Mixologists.  This is why we can guarantee to deliver the freshest, most perfectly balanced cocktails.

We provide fresh cocktails solutions delivered to your door for small or large events as well as private and corporate. Contact us now for a quote.

Benefits of using Puremix:

With Puremix premixed cocktails you don’t need a skilled cocktail bartender because we’ve done everything for you. Our product is an ‘open, pour & enjoy’ fresh cocktail solution.

In fact, anybody can now make world class cocktails like a pro!

Our clients include Caterers, Event Organisers, Venues, Corporate clients, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars and Private individuals enjoy Puremix Cocktails see their testimonials HERE.

  • Fast pouring, ease of service, more yield
  • Lowering staff costs and saving time
  • Cost effective solution with easy stock control
  • Consistency and convenience – prepared garnish can be supplied
  • Excellent profit margins can be achieved
  • Signature cocktail design for weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties
  • Custom labels can be designed and supplied

“Having worked in cocktail bars around the world, I established there was a need for quality Fresh Pre-Mixed Cocktails.  To solve consistency and ease of service problems in the industry as well providing the general public the opportunity & pleasure of enjoying delicious cocktails at home, without having to source ingredients nor have the skills required to prepare them.  This is how Puremix was born.”

Sebastian de Romijn -Founder

Other Services:

Hire services- we can outsource to our hiring partners for all your eventing needs.

* Cocktail recipe creation
* Cocktail Menu design
* Staff Training
* Consulting in all aspects of the beverage industry
* Molecular Mixology – cocktail creation, conceptualization & implementation
* Cocktail experiences for corporate, brands or groups of friends

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