5 Reasons why Fresh-premixed cocktails are awesome


A world’s first , Numero 1!

Fresh-Pre Mixed cocktails.  Yes, that’s right! FRESH ! 

And this is why they are great…

  • You need not shop around for ingredients you don’t even know, or know where to find.
  • You need not research how to make them nor pay anyone to do so.
  • You need not make a mess in your kitchen/ bar.
  • Your cocktails will taste perfectly balanced and consistent every time.
  • You will not end up with liquor and ingredients that you’ll never use again.

It’s a no brain-er,  really.  At Puremix we do it all for you.  Just order online here and get them delivered in 2 hrs. It’s that easy.  Pure convenience.

If you want to know more about Puremix, what we do and how we do it click here

and go to out You Tube Channel  here to see vids on our Dragon’s den clip, Molecular Mixology and a short brand ethos film,

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keep an eye out for the next Blog post on ” Why Classic cocktails are the best “

Cheers for now.

Yours in Cocktails,



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